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Your Amazon Marketing Freelancer.

Hi, I’m Marius
The person behind VentureTime 

After having tremendous success managing the seller account of an ecommerce company inhouse I started my own independent journey as freelancer not too long ago.

Currently serving a handful of 7-figure companies as dedicated Amazon Account Manager and growing their accounts in a steady pace. If this keeps going I might grow into a boutique agency. Let’s see.

Also: I am a bit of a strategy nerd and enjoy playing games like chess, poker, go, and mahjongg. And I bring the same attitude to my work while also enjoying the fight in the trenches. 

Please let me know if I start geeking out too long about some weird new feature from Amazon, because I might not notice 😅

How it Works

My clients are usually D2C brands or private label sellers, sometimes in a vendor-seller hybrid model. This means that I am currently not working with resellers or pure vendors.

You book me at a monthly retainer to solve problems. Amazon can throw a lot of curveballs, and different sellers have very different needs, so I don’t have fixed deliverables.

We communicate at minimum in weekly intervals, and discuss ongoing projects, needs, priorities, etc. together, and then we execute.

Please note that while there are no fixed prices, engagements with me start at $2000.


Account management

I do my homework. We will work out the ideal path to take based on what is unique about you, your product, and most importantly where you want to go.

Brand Protection

Never be left in the dark. You will always have the most relevant numbers, like costs vs revenue on your phone. Looking at numbers is fun if they represent your success.

Listing Optimization

Creating the full path for the customer journey. Building awareness, interest and desire to convert and retain your customers. The campaigns are not prepackaged but custom to your business.

Suspension Handling

We verify our assumptions in order to minimize risks. The first month is dedicated to testing audience targeting, ad creatives, messaging, positioning and hooks.

PPC Campaigns

Keeping watch over your budget and campaigns. I continue A/B testing, integrate new products, and work with you for continuous expansion.

Product Launch

Promotions, events or new products coming up?
Online marketing is a team effort and requires collaboration. We are on this journey together!

This is exciting

Get In Touch

Contact me, don’t be shy! I am always happy to give advice, answer your questions, and improve amazon sales for your business!




marius [at]


Marius Heinicke
Genovevastr. 67
51063 Cologne, Germany