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Growing Brands and driving revenue for smaller online shops with Digital Marketing.

About Me

After working in-house the last 2 years and tripling a 7 figure ecommerce company in revenue and profit, I am now starting my own thing and making the jump to freelancer / agency.

I am so excited you are here! As this might be a turning point for you and me if we end up working together!

I am an Online Marketing professional based in Cologne, Germany and live and breath ecommerce and digital marketing. One of my favorite things is to help small brands claim their space in the online world. There is a lot of opportunity out there.

Other than being your personal ecommerce marketer, I am also passionate about good coffee, bad coffee, storytelling, board games, life long learning, and many other things.

eCommerce Growth

If you have a great product that the world needs to know about please let me know. 

I will work tirelessly for your success. Its what drives me. I will assist you and your business not just by driving sales, but also by analyzing and interpreting the right data in your Google Analytics.

This is a hands-on service, where I work together with you (and/or your team) on optimizing your online shop while creating different advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google, or Amazon.

Special Extra: Right now I need testimonials and a portfolio. This means that my first couple of clients get a big discount for the first couple of months. In return I will ask you for a video review.

How it Works

Discovery & Strategy

I do my homework. We will work out the ideal path to take based on what is unique about you, your product, and most importantly where you want to go.

Tracking & Reporting

Never be left in the dark. You will always have the most relevant numbers, like costs vs revenue on your phone. Looking at numbers is fun if they represent your success.

Campaign Setups

Creating the full path for the customer journey. Building awareness, interest and desire to convert and retain your customers. The campaigns are not prepackaged but custom to your business.

Rapid Fire Testing

We verify our assumptions in order to minimize risks. The first month is dedicated to testing audience targeting, ad creatives, messaging, positioning and hooks.

Maintenance & Optimization

Keeping watch over your budget and campaigns. I continue A/B testing, integrate new products, and work with you for continuous expansion.

Support & Guidance

Promotions, events or new products coming up?
Online marketing is a team effort and requires collaboration. We are on this journey together!

"In a couple of months, this could be the place where you talk abou the amazing results you have had from working with me"

<Your Name>, CEO and Owner of <Your Business>

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